Basic information

The activities of the Women's Council are based on the Committee's position work women and families under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Medical University and the Council of Women. With the committee work Women and Families under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, women's work Department of the District Ismoilisomoni, Women's Council of higher educational institutions of the country, executive committees of cities and Regions of the Republic, female students The presidential quota at the university and the state Institution "Center for self-knowledge of women in Dushanbe" are working together.
Women are the custodians of culture, language, customs, custodians of family heirlooms and the upbringing of children, performing the role of peacemaking on a level with men actively working in various public and state spheres.
The Council of Women consists of 17 people (2018) Hodzhieva G.B. Chairman, Ismatuloeva S.S. Deputy Chairman, Kurbonbekova p. K, Usmonova G. m, HajruloevaDerkachev, Khodjaev N. M, Dodhoeva M, Eshankulova B.A., Nijazeva M.S., Juldosheva U.P., Musozoda M.A., Usmonova H.S. , Jergashova S.Z., Burhova Z.U., Shahsufbekova N.N., Narzieva F.A., Istamova Z.K.
Tajikistan, among other states of the world, was one of the first countries to adopt the International Convention on the Abolition of all forms of violence against women, on the political right of women, and on the rights of children.
For the implementation of the Law on increasing, the rolls of women in society, taking into account the responsible working qualities and capable women and girls Administration University attracts to work. Of 339 women responsible workers, 35 people work in senior positions, 11 of them are members of the Administration University.
Women scientists at the Medical university are the intellectual potential to harness the potential of this demographic layer for the development of education, health and pharmaceutical services is of paramount importance. The university has 1 academician and a member of the Correspondent Academy of Sciences, 22 Doctors of science, 98 candidates of sciences, 13 professors.
Many women in the university work in leadership positions. Kurbonbekova P.K.-Vice-rector for educational work, Juldosheva U.P.-Dean of the pharmaceutical faculty, Babayevа L.N.-scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council, DPT M.S.-Director of Diagnostic and Treatment center and Hajrulloeva-head of Library. Also 5 women are deputy Dean of faculties, actively participate in public works. The university has a total of 1230 persons, employs 671 women (2017). Candidates of Sciences-101 women and Doctors of sciences-20 women. From 62 departments of the University at 23 chairs women are heads.The Council of Women works in seven directions (educational process, educational work, art, healthy lifestyle, general, rights, international relations). In order to improve the work among students of girls with employees and students at the level of the faculty, centers and dormitories of the university meetings and interviews, cultural contests, round tables, meetings, exhibitions dedicated to compliance" Requirements of the student form "and the official form of employees. Economy and prosperity is the stability of the family. "Family is a source of love", improvement of knowledge of their rights by youth, prevention of irresponsibility of youth in family structure and protection of sacred relics of family, reproductive health, consequences of early and related marriages.
Defended PhD and doctoral dissertations from 1938 to 2016 G-645 women, from this number to 1991-293 women and from 1991 to 2016 352 women, during 31 years before the period of independence of women was 45.4%. During the period of independence, during 25 years, degrees much higher and made 54.6%.
Achievements: Many women in the university have government awards.
Order Scientists:
1. MD Professor, member of the Correspondent Academy of RT, Academician-Dodhoeva M. F.
2. Prof. Dr. Muhammadkulova M. M.
3. Candidate Docent-Babayev L. A.
Honored Employees:
1. MD Professor-Sirodzhidinova. Yu.
2. MD Professor-Anvarova Sh. S.
Order of Fame:
1. MD prof. Isayeva M. S.
2. M.D. Professor Sharapova Nigina N.M.


Address: Dushanbe city, Rudaki Street 139
Tel: 224-38-86; Mob: 918-62-69-41;
Chairperson of the Women's Council: Hojieva Gulnora Boboevna