General information

The Centre main objective is providing conditions for educational process, trainings and practices, production and research activities organization and conduction, as well as providing conditions for the acquisition of professional skills in specialized university context, which is intended to contribute to the preparation of highly qualified personnel with higher pharmaceutical education that meets the requirements of international standards.
The center consists of the finished medicinal products department, the Drug information department, the department of production of prescription medicines with the aseptic unit (preparation of sterile medicines, including ophthalmic medications, medicines for newborns and other products requiring sterilization), the department for the collection, processing and packaging of medicinal plants, the chemical and analytical laboratories, rooms for medicines autoclaving, the fitobar, the room for production and reception of distilled water, the washing room and the expeditionary room.

Centre of Education Science and Production "Pharmacia" structure

Daily practical trainings in the following subjects are held at the Centre of Education Science and Production "Pharmacia"
Pharmacognosy - for students of 3rd year of the Pharmacy Faculty;
Technology of medicinal forms - for students of the 3rd year of the Pharmacy Faculty
Pharmaceutical chemistry - for students of 3rd and 4th years of the Pharmacy Faculty;
Organization of pharmacy economics - for students of 4th and 5th years of the Pharmacy Faculty;
Pharmacology - for students of the 4th year of the pharmaceutical and 3rd years of the general medical, dental faculties.
Practical classes are conducted with the use of pharmaceutical devices, medicinal plant materials and interactive teaching methods.
In "Pharmacia” centre, students of 1-5 years also go to field trainings and work experience in specialized subjects. During the internship, students together with their leaders travel to the gorges of Karangon, Kondara, Kiblai, Varzob, Gisarskaya valley, Kanask area, Vahdat city to study the plant world, taking into account seasonality. At the same time, medicinal herbal raw materials are collected, after which they are dried, processed and various medicinal forms are prepared from the raw materials in the centre.

The drug information department

Main DIC activities:
Introduction Rational Medicine Use concept through developing and strengthening evidence-based information system on medicines;
Organize and conduct conferences, seminars, educational trainings for students and teachers of Tajik State Medic University, and for different groups of health workers to promote rational medicine use principles;
In collaboration with relevant departments of Ministry of Health prepare, revise, and provide reliable and evidence-based information to develop and regularly update Clinical practice guidelines, Essential Medicine List, Drug Formulary and other basic documents;
Develop, publish and distribute periodical issues on rational medicine use;
Provide access to independent, reliable and updated information on rational medicine use for students, scientific and health professionals, and population.


Address: Dushanbe, Samad Gani 3 Street
Director of the centre: Radjabov Gadomad Odinayevich