Basic information

Treatment and consultative work is an important part of the multifaceted activity of the ATSMU, the modern level and organization of which largely determines the quality of the educational process and can significantly improve the effectiveness of medical care for the population of the republic. The staff of clinical departments of the ATSMU, along with a largely consultative-diagnostic and treatment work, attaches great importance to increasing the level of medical care for the population, the development and an implementation in practice the latest achievements of medical science, the development of specialized medical care, the development of preventive measures and early detection of various diseases, effective treatment and rehabilitation of patients ability work.
The Vice-rectors for treatment activities:
Associate professor Turaev Askar Aminovich- from February 1989 to July 1994;
Professor Sanginov Jumaboy Rakhmatovich - from 1994 to 1999;
Doctor of medical science, Professor Goibov Alijon Juraevich - from 1999 to 2004;
Doctor of medical science, Professor Sharipova Khursand Yodgorovna-from 2004 to 2008;
Candidate of medical science Gadoev Bsakhshibek Shafoevich- from 2008-2018;
Candidate of medical science, associate professor Qobilov Qobiljon Kenjaevich- from Feruary 2018- until to present time;
In ATSMU operates 39 clinical departments which 22 are therapeutics and 17 are surgicals. There are 405 specialists are working in these departments among them: 61 doctors of sciences, professors; 164 candidate of sciences, associate professors; 180 experienced assistants without a degree. In general, the degree of staff of the clinical department is 55.6%. From the total number of teaching staff of the clinical departments of the University, 62.5% of staff has a qualification category (46.7% - the highest, 20.7% - the first and 6.4% - the second). The clinical departments of the University are located in 27 health institutions in Dushanbe. The specialists of the University provide consultative and diagnostic care or surgeons on calls for sanitary aviation operate the most complex cases. Many employees of clinical departments combine work at the university with work in institutions of practical public health, many employees of clinical departments combining the university work with work in institutions of practical public health and they are also the main non-staff specialists and part of the Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. The University is a treatment- preventive and medical - diagnostic and consultative center of medical innovative technologies in practical public health. The teaching staff of the clinical departments conducts great work on explaining the methodology and the methods for the implementation of national projects. Nowadays new directions of research are being developed at ATSMU. The scientists of ATSMU made a great contribution to the development of public health and the improvement of the health of the population of the republic. With their active participation, specific programs for eliminating and reducing many common diseases have been developed.


Vice-rector for treatment activities: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor, Qobilov Qobiljon Kenjaevich
Address: ATSMU Rudaki Ave 139 Dushanbe 734003 Republic of Tajikistan
Phone-number: +992 44 600 3627