In 1992 in the structure of Avicenna Tajik State Medical University was organized a hygienic -sanitary faculty and because of insufficiency number of students till 1996 docent Mgeladze T.S. was a dean of Stomatological and Public Health faculties.
In 1993 the faculty was renamed to medico-preventive faculty. In 1996 the medico-preventive faculty was separated from the Stomatological faculty. In 1996-2000 years MD, Professor Babaev A.B. was the dean of the faculty.
In 1998 the department of Epidemiology was especially opened for the medico-preventive faculty and Yarasheva D.M., MD, Professor was appointed head of the department. Firstly it seemed that this department is similar to the former one but they renewed the educational program which corresponded to the faculty.
In addition to its two departments: general hygiene and ecology and social hygiene were opened and their task was preparing high qualified specialists of this sphere.
After the foundation of special departments of the faculty their educational basis were founded in the republican and town sanitary-epidemiological institutions, also educational programs were renewed and published again. All new founded departments were supplied with teachers from the number of workers of republican, town sanitary-epidemiological administrations. Detail >>

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