In the republic the need for the training of pediatricians increased in the middle of the 20th century. Due to the lack of a pediatric faculty, the institute began to train pediatricians from among the students of the medical faculty by organizing subordination at the department of Children’s diseases, which was established in 1941.

In 1958/59 academic year the Pediatric Faculty was opened for the first time, the dean of which was Associate Professor A.M. Pilosov, who made a great contribution to the organization and development of the faculty. For the accelerated training of pediatricians, the 2nd and 3rd courses of the pediatric faculty were organized from among the best students of the medical faculty. In the same year, the first independent enrollment of 76 students was held. The first department of the pediatric faculty was organized, which was headed by G.E. Levina. Later, in 1964, two more departments of internal diseases were organized (head of the department - Professor M.Kh. Bobokhojaev) and pediatric surgery (head of the department - Professor A.T. Pulatov).

The deans of the Pediatrics Faculty were such well-known medical workers not only in our republic, but also abroad, as associate professor N.Kh. Khoshimov (1960-1965), professor F.A. Abdurakhmonov (1965-1969), professor Yu.I. Datkhaev (1969-1975), associate professor I.Yu. Yuldoshev (1975-1981), associate professor M.K. Karimov (1981-1992), professor N.F. Faizulloev (1993-1996). Since 1996, in connection with the unification of the medical and pediatric faculties, the dean was associate professor R.Sh. Ashurova (1996-2000), and then Professor E.S. Shermatov (2004-2005), associate professor L.A. Babaeva (2005-2009).

In the 2014-2015 academic years, the pediatric faculty was resumed again, and the first enrollment of students to the pediatric faculty took place, the dean of which was Professor M.S. Tabarov (2014-2020).

Currently, the faculty is headed by MD Usmanova G.M. (since February 2020).

During the existence of the pediatric faculty, more than 6,000 pediatricians graduated from the university.

We remember and honor the professors who devoted their entire lives to the development of pediatrics at our university - these are M.M. Yakubova, S.M. Kabulova, A.M. Mirakilova, A.T. Pulatov, B.Ya. Vyalushkin, Z.Ya. Abdullokhojaev, S.B. Boboev, Azizov A.A., Aminov H.J., who for many years headed the departments of pediatric profile.

At present, scientists - professors and associate professors who have made an invaluable contribution to the organization and development of the pediatric service of the republic, such as Yakubova Z.Kh., Ismailov K.I., Umarova Z.K., N.F. Faizulloev, Azizov A.A., Babaeva L.A., Mamajanova G.S., Khojaeva N.M., Saidmuradova G.M., Davlatova S.N. Our scientists are still guarding the protection of our future - our children.

The rich medical experience of a pleiades of our scientists will allow us to prepare a specialist - a pediatrician who has a system of universal and professional competencies necessary to provide specialized pediatric care to the children’s population, capable and ready for independent professional activity, continuous self-improvement and integration of scientific knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the world community.

The future of our children must be in safe hands.

The faculty includes 15 departments, including 5 specialized departments. The teaching staff of the pediatric faculty is 236 people, including 24 (10.2%) doctors of science and 72 (30.5%) candidates of science. 22 (9.3%) of them have the title of professor and 39 (16.5%) the title of associate professor. The number of assistants is 128, external part-time teachers - 35.

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