Medical and consulting work

The department works closely with healthcare institutions of the city and a number of regions. The medical work is carried out on the basis of a bilateral treaty between the State Educational Institution “ATSMU” and State Health Complex «Istiqlol» signed on January 4, 2017. 7 “A” and 7 “B” buildings of children's somatic departments are supervised by employees of the department of propaedeutic of children diseases. Employees of the department consulting all gravely ill patients who are hospitalized (4558), and they also conduct bed bypassing of patients in the intensive care department, nephrology, allergology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, pulmonology departments, as well as in the hemodialysis department. Every day, employees of the department conduct the morning conferences. According to the approved schedule, clinical conferences are held (21) and analyzes of child mortality (16). There are 4 part-time workers at the department who are employees of the State Health Complex «Istiqlol». There are main 15 employees of the department, from them 8 have highest medical category, 2 - second category. Also at the department are study 2 clinical residents and 2 doctors-interns.
Jointly with the hospital staff, for the first time, manuals for doctors were developed and approved:
1. Babaeva L.A. Akhmedova H.S. Dzhonova F. and others. Clinical protocols for the management of major respiratory diseases at the PHC level./ A manual for doctors. - A type. MHCP RT. - Dushanbe. – 2017.- 88p. (for russian and tajik languages).
2. Gulzoda M.K., Eric Van Twillert, Salikhov D.N., Nosirov K.N., Babaeva L.A., Rakhmanova G.A. Pocket guide to conducting a survey and physical methods for examining patients. / A manual for students, interns, clinical residents, young doctors and teachers. Swiss Agency for Development and cooperation. - Dushanbe. - 2017 .- 105 p. (for russian and tajik languages).
3. Babaeva L.A.,Majidzoda A.K., Saidov F.B. Clinical recommendations for diagnostic and treatment of pediatric nephrology patients.-Dushanbe.-2018.- 80p.
For last 5 years staff of the department conducted 2 enhancement courses (144 hours) on the topic: «Modern requirements of feeding of healthy children and methods of treatment chronic nutritional disorders in children of early age» for doctors of the children’s somatic department of the SEI « Health Complex Istiqlo»l.

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