History of the department

In 1958, in connection with the need to improve and expand child health services, increase the need for pediatricians, a pediatric faculty was established in the republic. 5 faculties of pediatric profile were formed at the faculty:
1. Department of Propaedeutics of Children Diseases
2. Department of Faculty Pediatrics
3. Department of Hospital Pediatrics
4. Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases
5. Department of Pediatric Surgery
The formation of the independent department of propaedeutics of children diseases at the pediatric faculty of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical Institute dates back to May 1959. Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor Levina Galina Efimovna, who came to Tajikistan voluntarily after graduating from the Leningrad Medical Institute in 1929, was elected the first head of the department of propaedeutics of children diseases. She arrived with her husband, d.m.s., professor Monakov Nikolay Zasimovich, who later became the organizer of the surgical service in Tajikistan and headed the department of hospital surgery.
G.E Levina was one of the first pediatric doctors who had to be a pioneer in organizing a pediatric services in Tajikistan. Having started its activities in the city of Kanibadam, it conducted a large outreach and enlightenment work among local women on the issues of caring for caring for young children. G.E. Levina took an active part in the organization and activities of the Kanibadam Medical College. Since 1935, the fruitful scientific and medical activity of Levina began in the city of Dushanbe. In the beginning, she works as a doctor in a childrens dispensary, in May 1936, on the orders of the city health department, she was responsible for the medical work of the Baby House, and since 1938 she has been in charge of the department of newborns in the maternity hospital. Аlong with medical work, G.E. Levina was also engaged in pedagogical activities in the medical college of the city of Dushanbe. At the Avicenna Tajik State Medical Institute in 1942, G.E. Levina was elected to the post of assistant chair, pediatrics, which was led by professor Shafershtein S.A. In 1953 G.E. Levina defended her thesis on the topic: ‘’Comatose malaria in children’’, which at that time was a great scientific and practical importance in the context of a high incidence of malaria among the child population. This was the first scientific work that was defended at the Avicenna Tajik State Medical Institute in pediatrics. The first assistance in the department of propaedeutics of children diseases, headed by a G.E. Levina, were – S.M. Kabulova, M.Sh. Muhammadieva and T.L. Rossovskaya. G.E. Levina published over 50 scientific papers on topical issues in pediatrics. Under her leadership, 6 candidate dissertations were defended. G.E. Levina, having opened the children’s hematology department, was the first to diagnose hemolytic anemia. G.E. Levina is an active public figure, for several years he was a deputy of the district and city council of deputies of workers, and since 1963 she was elected chairman of the society of children’s doctors in Tajikistan. G.E. Levina was awarded government awards and honorary diplomas of the Supreme Council of the Tajik SSR, two medals, the badge ‘’Excellent Health Care of the USSR’’, and also had the title ‘’Honored Doctor of the Tajik SSR’’.
From 1969 to 1974, the chair of propaedeutics of children diseases was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Kabulova Sofya Mirzotashevna. The topic of the candidate Kabulova S.M. was devoted to the peculiarities of the course of glomerulonephritis in young children in the conditions of Tajikistan (1968). The base of the department was Children’s Clinical Hospital №2, designed for 120 beds. The staff of the department, numbering 4 people, in parallel with the pedagogical work, regularly provided advisory assistance to the base clinic, two clinics of the city of Dushanbe, as well as the Kulyab region. Scientific work of the department of propaedeutics of children diseases under the guidance of S.M. Kabulova included the study of the clinic, therapy and prevention of staph infection in young children. The study of this problem formed the basis of the dissertation of Abdurakhmanova Maryam Vakhidovna, who devoted all her labor activity to the department of propaedeutics of children diseases. Employees of the department - Umarova N.U., Sanginova A.I and Abdurakhmaanova M.V- worked at the department from the day of its foundation.
G.E. Levina, in which Kabulova S.M. was the first assistant of the department, called her a great assistant and support and was in her eyes a man of business with the gift of common sense.
From 1974 to 1977, the department of propaedeutics of children diseases was headed by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Krasnogorskiy Nikolay Nikolaevich. In the years of his activity, he continued to improve the educational and research work of the department.
From 1977 to 1983, the department was headed by a candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Sanginova Alexandra Ivanovna. During the years of its activity, the department was transferred from the base of the Children’s Clinical Hospital № 2 to the base of the Children’s Clinical Hospital № 1. According to the change in the number of employees (9 people), the volume of work performed has also increased. The staff of the department prepared and published teaching aids and recommendations for students of the 3rd year of the pediatric faculty. The department oversaw 3 polyclinics and the Orphanage № 2, and advisory assistance covered the city of Leninabad and 3 districts of the Leninabad region. The research work of the department was aimed at studying the health status of preschool children.
From 1983 to 1998, the department of propaedeutics of children diseases was headed by Boris Yakovlevich Valyushkin, c.m.s., professor, who worked at the RI of pediatrics of the RAMS of Moscow. During the years of his activity, research work intensified. The research work of the department was devoted to issues of frequently ill children, chronic eating disorders, bronchopulmonary pathology, regional features of rickets in children. On the initiative of professor Valyushkin B.Ya, the department of Immunology was founded at the research institute of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan. Under the guidance of professor B.Ya. Valyushkina defended 13 candidate and 3 doctoral dissertations (A. A. Azizov, Z.K. Umarova, V.V. Shchigolev). Under the editorship of professor B.Ya. Valyushkin, a textbook on the propaedeutics of children diseases for 3rd year students, guidelines and a number of monographs were published.
Since January 1995, the department of propaedeutics of children diseases with the CCH № 1 in Dushanbe was transferred to the CCH № 2 base in connection with the merger with the department of faculty pediatrics. 1 department of faculty pediatrics and propaedeutics of children diseases was founded. In 1997, in connection with the liquidation of the pediatric faculty, the department of faculty pediatrics was also liquidated. From 1997 to the present, a department of propaedeutics of children diseases has been functioning at the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University.
From 1998 to 2010, the department of propaedeutics of children diseases was headed by A.A. Azizov as the head of the department in 2000, he completed his scientific work and successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: ‘’Chronic gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer in children of Tajikistan’’. A.A. Azizov published more than 100 scientific papers and methodological recommendations in Russian and the state languages, devoted to such important problems of pediatrics as assessing the quality of life of children with pyelonephritis, pathology of the respiratory and digestive systems in children, as well as the characteristics of the course of diseases of the urinary system in children. Under the leadership of Azizov A.A. successfully defended- 1 doctoral and 2 candidate dissertation. 4 manuals for students and health professionals in the field of pediatrics have been published. The staff of the department consisted of 10 employees, including 2 doctors of sciences, and 5 assistants.
Over the years of the existence of the department of propaedeutics of children diseases, the collective of the department has published more than 600 scientific papers. A.A. Azizov during the period of his activity at the department raised the level of educational, scientific and research work, made a significant contribution to the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel.
From 2010 to the present, the head of the department of propaedeutics of children diseases is the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Babaeva L.A., who in 1996 defended her thesis on ‘’Risk factors and especially the course of calculosus pyelonephritis in children’’. Babaeva L.A. is the author of 190 scientific works, including 1 textbook, 10 study guides, 40 teaching guidelines and 3 clinical protocols published in Russian, Tajik and English.
At this stage, the department has 17 employees: Babaeva L.A. – head of department, Yakubova Z.Kh – professor of department, Rahmanova G.A- associate professor of the department, Abdullaeva N.A- acting assistant professor, Khaidarova O.F – senior lecturer(c.m.s), Khojaeva O.T- senior lecturer, assistants of the department- Kadyrova M.R, Boboeva Kh.A., Homitova M.A., Rahimov T.I., Astanakulov S.R., Kasimova P.V., Rahmatullaeva M.A., Murodova F.S., Mirzoeva Sh.S., and 2 part-time- Rabieva M.S. and Nagzibekova D.D.

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