Teaching activity

The department has an audience of 150 students, has 15 study rooms, and a laboratory.
State departments represented actually 15.5 institutions. The teaching staff of the department is represented by 1 professor, 1 doctor of medical sciences, 9 candidates of honey. 2 candidates of medical sciences and 1 candidate of medical sciences, ready for testing.
In the 6th year, students take classes according to the work program and plan drawn up at the beginning of the school year. For students of the 6th year, a plan for the passage of cycle classes has been drawn up. Students work in the department of pathology of newborn children, the department of pathology of young and older. In this case, they are always on duty in a hospital (1 duty per month) as an assistant to the doctor on duty. Leading diaries participating in rounds, participating in rounds, rapporteurs on patients, independently supervise 2 - 3 patients per cycle. At the end of each cycle, the department and associate professor.
5th year students in the clinic study the features of the course of diseases in full-term and premature babies, congenital pathology, differential diagnosis, as well as the features of the clinic, course, differential diagnosis, treatment of hematological diseases.
At each practical lesson there are methodological developments, both for assistants and students, with an indication of the work plan per day, by the hour, according to the teaching methodology, patient analysis, and a list of references. 50% of the time is given to patients. Used visual aids in the form of tables, x-rays, ECG, laboratory tests, extracts from historical diseases.

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