Scientific activity

Under the direction of K. Ismailov PhD theses on the following topics are protected: Davlatova S.N. “Adaptive capabilities of the cardiovascular system in children with anemia” (2009), Khodzhaeva N.N. “Clinical and immunological features in children with anemia” (2012), S. Kudratova “Features of homeostasis in young children with acute bacterial pneumonia” (2013), Muhammadnabieva F.A. “Clinical and immunological features of the course of hemorrhagic diathesis in children” (2018), T. Artykova “Clinical and paraclinical features of the course of vegetative-vascular dystonia in children” (2018), M. Yusupova “Clinical and immunological characteristics of intrauterine mixed infections in newborns” (2018).
Professor Ismailov K.I. He is the author of more than 200 scientific articles and abstracts, including 21 teaching aids and development, 3 rationalization proposals.
Over the noted period of time, the department staff published more than 30 educational and methodological developments and manuals, including 3 in English, 2 textbooks on children's diseases in Russian and the state language.
Scientific research focuses on the state of the cardio-respiratory system in children with various somatic diseases. Over the past 5 years, 284 works have been published on the scientific topic of the department: 107 abstracts, 172 articles, of which 43 are in peer-reviewed journals of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation and RT. Today's department staff consists of Professor K.I. Ismailova, associate professors Z.A. Mukhitdinova, Z.A. Tadzhibaevoy, S.N. Davlatova, Ph.D. N.N. Khodzhaeva, F.A. Muhammadnabieva, M.A. Yusupova, assistants N.M. Kurbanova, S.T. Davlatova, S.A. Rasulova, M.M. Sharipova.

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