Medical and consulting work

The Department of Children's Diseases No. 2 is located on the basis of 11 children's somatic corps of the National Medical Center RT-Shifobakhsh, designed for 211 beds. Specialized departments: there is a department for pathology of newborn children, a department for early pathology, a cardiology department, a hematology, pulmonology, boxed department and an intensive care unit for 11 beds. On the basis of the hospital there is a functional diagnostics room, an X-ray room, a physiotherapy room.
All employees of the department are involved in medical work, and some of them work in departments: Yusupova M.A., Davlatova S.T., Dzhumaeva L.F., Zainutdinova P.K. and Majnunova A.N., the rest are employees and consultants in various children's somatic departments of the 11th building of GU NMC RT-Shifobakhsh.

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