History of the department

The formation of the Department of Pediatrics was associated with the organization of the Department of Pediatrics, which was dictated by the need to train pediatricians for the republic.
Initial Department of Pediatrics at the Department of Pediatrics Dyakova.
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor G.E. Levin May 11, 1959, which gave a lot of strength, energy, enthusiasm to the organization of the pediatric faculty.
The first assistants at the department of propaedeutics of childhood diseases were S.M. Kabulova MD, professor), A.M. Mirakilova, M.Sh. Muhammadiev, M.Sh. Rasovskaya, E.A. Nemirovsky. G.E. Levina was the first pediatrician in 1953 to defend his thesis on "Comatose malaria in children" in the Academic Council of our institute.
With the growth of the faculty of pediatrics, a new department of pediatrics was organized, in 1968 the department of faculty pediatrics was created, the head of which is elected MD E.A. Nadezhdina, who came from Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics RAMS of Russia.
E.A. Research direction of the department, laboratory of rheumatology and immunopathology.
The research work of the department was devoted to the problems of non-infectious immunogenesis in children with various systemic diseases.
After leaving, E.A. Nadezhdina in 1972 on the basis of faculty pediatrics formed the Department of Pediatrics for teachers of pediatric faculty students of V and VI courses, which were called the Department of Pediatrics for subordinates.
In 1974 battered head of the department of pediatrics for subordinates MD, professor A.M. Mirakilova.
In connection with the need to train neonatologists, in order to better master modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, separate groups for subordinate neonatologists were identified.
In 1981, the Department of Pediatrics for subordinates created advanced training courses for doctors of pediatricians of the republic, where Ph.D. I.B. Ryzhova, Ph.D. BEHIND. Tadzhibaeva. Scientific work was carried out at the Department of Pediatrics for subordinators.
Since 2004, the Department of Childhood Diseases has been headed by Prof. Ismailov K.I.

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