Training work

Academic work of the department
The main educational goals of teaching pediatric surgery during the course are to get complete information about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of purulent-inflammatory diseases, urological pathology in children, as well as malformations.
Students of the department study 2,4,5 courses of the medical and pediatric faculties, bachelors, clinical residents, interns, masters and graduate students. It should be noted that students are taught in Russian, Tajik and English. Due to the high potential of the faculty, the department conducts improvement cycles for pediatric surgeons in the direction of "Children's Urology".
Educational and methodical activity
For educational work, the department is constantly engaged in the preparation of teaching aids for students of all faculties, as well as for interns and clinical residents. Every year, work programs for all faculties are reviewed, and standard programs are approved every 5 years. The RCCA staff published more than 2000 scientific papers in central and republican journals, including 280 in the materials of conferences, congresses and symposia. 15 collections of proceedings of the department and materials of conferences, congresses, 80 methodological developments for students were issued. A major guide to pediatric surgery sections for doctors and students is currently being produced. 800 exam tests were prepared for students of the pediatric and medical faculty in 3 languages.

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