Scientific activity

In 2019, the defense of the PhD thesis of the postgraduate student of the department A. Sattorov was carried out on the topic “Diagnosis and selection of the method of surgical treatment of congenital hydronephrosis due to abberant vessel”. The clinic staff defended 5 doctoral and 42 master's theses, issued 18 monographs and study guides, 52 methodological recommendations, received 17 copyright certificates, more than 350 certificates for rationalization proposals. The RCCA staff published more than 2000 scientific papers in central and republican journals, including 280 in the materials of conferences, congresses and symposia. 15 collections of proceedings of the department and materials of conferences, congresses, 80 methodological developments for students were issued. At the department, the Society of Young Scientists and Students functions, at the meetings of which young specialists make monthly reports, clinical reviews of patients are conducted.
The department actively conducts training of scientific personnel through postgraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies at PHD.
Currently, 2 doctoral students of PHD and 1 graduate student are working on the dissertation at the department.

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