Teaching activity

The head of the teaching section of the department is the assistant Aminov P.A .The students of the 2nd-5th courses , clinical residents and interns of the Dental Faculty are trained at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry. In the students clinic there are separate rooms equipped with modern equipment for outpatient admission of profile patients, dental laboratory and physiotherapeutic and radiology rooms. At the department 12 phantom workplaces are organized, 6 - training rooms. It is planned to teach the subject in English. Students at the end of the 3rd-year course pass the theoretical test, at the end of the 4th-year course the current exam and at the end of the 5th-year state examination. Students of the second year from the 4th semester are engaged in the credit system of education, i.e. during the semester pass a rating in the test center of the university 2 times (8 and 16 lessons).
Educational and methodological developments and recommendations on all sections of orthopedic dentistry have been prepared in Russian and Tajik languages for students, masters and clinical residents. There are textbooks "Orthopedic dentistry", "Material science" and a manual "Dental implantology" in the Tajik language, prepared by the staff of the department.
Responsible for the educational work of the department is the assistant Makhmudov M.M. The staff of the department according to the plan for educational work, approved by the pro-rector of educational work, before starting of practical and lecture classes conduct educational talks on the following topics for 5-10 minutes:
- medical ethics and deontology;
- independence is an invaluable gift;
- The President is the guarantee of peace;
- April 7 - World Health Day;
- news of medicine, etc.
And also, the staff of the department according to duty table of the departments in dormitories of ATSMU once a month from 20.00 to 22.00. are on duty at the hostel number 5 and conduct educational talks with students living in the hostel.

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