Medical and consulting work

Therapeutic work.
M. Yuldosheva is responsible for the medical work of the department 98% of the department staff are doctors of the highest qualification category. 2 employees are excellent students of the Healthcare RT. Therapeutic work is carried out at the State Medical Center “Shifobakhsh” RT in the Department of Adult Maxillofacial Surgery, the Department of Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery, UKTs “Dentistry” GOU “TSMU named after Abuali Ibni Sino ", dental clinics No. 3, pediatric dentistry No. 1, medical unit" Aeroflot "of Dushanbe, which are the clinical bases of the department. All employees, in accordance with academic and scientific topics, deal with the problems of providing surgical care to patients with pathologies of the congenital and acquired nature of the maxillofacial region, reconstructive surgery on soft and bone tissues.
Students Scientific Society of the department.
Members of the SSS, together with members of the department, actively participate in the development of scientific topics of the department. Based on the results of research, scientific articles, abstracts, presentations are prepared and take part in conferences of young scientists and students and various forums in the country and abroad.

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