History of the department

In 1977, the Faculty of Dentistry was reopened at Abali Ibni Sino TSMI. Since 1942, at the Department of Hospital Surgery (Head of Department - Prof. A.E. Mannheim) on the basis of a specialized evacuation hospital organized in the building of the current Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tatarstan. The course was taught by prof. S.N. Vaisblatt is a major specialist in this field.
In 1964, the Ministry of Health of the Tajik SSR and the Dushanbe Mountains Health Department organized the first specialized department of maxillofacial surgery with 45 beds. However, due to the lack of qualified personnel, he soon had to close.
In 1969, on the basis of the Republican Clinical Hospital, a specialized dental department was again organized with 45 beds, which was twice relocated first to the City Clinical Hospital No. 3, and then to the Republican Hospital No. 1 (now the City Clinical Hospital No. 5) where the head was Ph.D. K.S. Kadyrov.
In 1970, on the basis of this department, surgical dentistry courses were organized for students of medical and pediatric faculties at the Department of Hospital Surgery.
The Department of Surgical Dentistry was organized in 1975, its founder and first head was Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences M. Mukhsinov An experienced organizer, a clinician, an erudite and wise teacher, an excellent researcher, he contributed to the accelerated preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel through targeted postgraduate studies, as a result of which 7 candidate dissertations were defended. Significant contribution to the development of maxillofacial surgery was made by G.P. Kovtunovich, N.N. Kutchak, L.P. Aleksandrovich, A.I. Paches, A.T. Pulatov and others.
The first employees of the department were Kadyrov KS, Subkhonov SS, Tairov UT, Sapargeldyev NB, Pachadzhanova LN, Bayev VT , Bozorov N.I., Akhunov A.M., Yuldasheva M.A., Akbarov M.M ..
The department played a large role in the development of maxillofacial surgical care for the population of the republic. With the departure of Mukhsinov M.E. outside the republic in the 1996-97 school. In the year, the duties of the head of the department were performed by associate professor Kadyrov K.S. Due to the reduction in student enrollment and the more rational use of scientific and pedagogical staff potential, in January 1998 the departments of surgical dentistry and pediatric dentistry were merged and was called the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with Pediatric Dentistry. The management of the joint departments is entrusted to the acting Head Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Associate Professor Subkhonova S.S. In February 1999, he was elected by competition to the post of head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with pediatric dentistry. S. Subkhonov made a significant contribution to the creation of the "Republican Center for the Treatment of Congenital and Acquired Maxillofacial Pathologies of Children and Adolescents", which was subsequently reorganized into the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Children and Adolescents, Clinical Hospital No 3 (now the State Institution "National Medical Center of the Republic of Tatarstan in the town of "Shifobakhsh"). At the initiative of Subkhonov S.S. In the same clinic, the Center for Maxillofacial Surgery of Adults was created. He is the author of more than 90 scientific papers, 6 methodological recommendations, 22 rationalization proposals. Under his leadership, 3 PhD theses have been defended. Since 2016, candidate of medical sciences was elected to the post of head of the department Dzhonibekova R.N.

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