Training activity

Students of the 5th year of medical and pediatric faculties, 4th-5th year of bachelors (foreigners) and 3rd year of the pharmaceutical faculty are trained at the department. Over the past few years, the department and its clinical base are equipped with modern equipment for conducting classes, diagnosis and treatment of patients. This made it possible to better conduct lectures and practical classes with students, interns and clinical residents. Practical classes and lectures at the department are conducted using the latest technology and teaching aids in 3 languages ​​- Tajik, Russian and English. To conduct practical classes and lectures, each teacher uses timekeeping, an approved plan of practical and lecture classes, teaching aids, situational tasks and tests for each nosology. The lecture texts are annually updated by lecturers, the electronic version of lectures is in the university library. Each study room has a computer (cathedral or personal), tables, figures, textbooks. The department also undergoes advanced training for doctors specializing in cardiology and internal medicine. 2009 - 2012 8 masters defended master's theses, including two from non-CIS countries (Saudi Arabia).
Educational and methodical activities of the department
The department has work programs, including:
- a working and standard program on "internal diseases" for students of the 5th year of the Faculty of Medicine in 3 languages.
- a working and standard program on "internal" diseases for students of the 5th year of the pediatric faculty in 2 languages, (Tajik, Russian)
- syllabus for "providing first aid" for 2nd and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2 languages ​​(Tajik, Russian)
- syllabus on “internal diseases” for 4-year bachelors of the medical faculty (in English)
- "internal medicine" silabus for bachelors of the 5th year of the Faculty of Medicine (in English). For classes used
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