Medical and consulting work

Employees of the department carry out medical work in the cardiology (50 beds), therapeutic (45 beds) and intensive care (12 beds) departments. Head of the Department, Ph.D. Khursanov N.M. holds a general hospital morning conference, planned visits to departments, advises severe patients. Professor Khamidov N.Kh. holds consultations and examination of patients with incomprehensible diagnoses. Associate Professor Umarov A.A. oversees patients in the cardiology department. Patients in the intensive care unit are examined by an assistant, Ph.D. Sokhibov R.G. Assistants Voronetskaya K.R., Saidmuradova F.L., Abdumamadova F.A. directly lead patients in the cardiology department, assistant Kayumov H.B. Heads the allergy department. Employees of the department repeatedly traveled to various regions of the republic to provide medical advice, participated in the "Health Caravans".

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