History of the department

The Department of Internal Medicine No. 2 was established in 1964 on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 of Dushanbe. The founder and first head of the department was M.Kh. Bobokhodzhaev, MD. Students of pediatric, sanitary-hygienic and dental faculties were trained at the department. In 1968, the department was relocated to the Republican Clinical Hospital No. 3. and received the name "Department of Faculty and Hospital Therapy." With the participation of department staff in the hospital, several specialized departments were created. In particular, the hematology department was organized with the direct participation of Khamidov N.Kh, whom he had been in charge of for many years. After creating a separate department of propaedeutics of internal diseases, which was started by the doctor of medical sciences A.Ya. Aripov, students in our department studied faculty and hospital therapy. Subsequently, the name of the department changed several times. In 1997, it received the name "Department of Hospital Therapy of the Faculty of Medicine and Pediatrics". After the formation of the general medical faculty "Department of Internal Medicine No. 2". At that time, the department was staffed by: Professor Khamidov N.Kh., Doctor of Medical Science. Tajiev I.Ya., associate professors: Alidzhonov G.P., Farkhadi G.R., candidates of medical sciences: Chernaya F.A., Razina A.A., Khamdamova MB, Sharipova H.Ya., Inomov J. .I., Sulaimonova S.A., Tsudik A.Z. Babaev A.N., Arustamyan G.S., Khoshimova K.Sh., Shukurova R.R., Umarov A.A., Kadyrova D.A., Khursanov N.M. Assistants: Rakhimova M.Ya., Vakhidova GB, Goryunova V.N.
From 1974 to 2010 The department was headed by a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, doctor of medical sciences, Khamidov N.Kh., since 2010. Head of the Department of Medical Sciences N. Khursanov

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