The Department of Environmental Hygiene (Department) was organized by the Order for Avicenna Tajik State Medical University 06/23/98. No. 46 S 2, with the aim of teaching students of the medical and preventive faculty, and since 2005 Faculty of Public Health in its core disciplines - in public health and occupational health. The head of the department from the day of foundation is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor K.N. Daburov. He made a great contribution in selecting the base for its placement, organizing the educational process, selecting faculty, acquiring the necessary equipment, visual aids, etc. The department was located during its creation on the basis of the Dushanbe city disinfection station.
Since 2012, a number of disciplines have been added to the department for teaching: food hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents, radiation hygiene and the basics of health promotion, since 2018 - military hygiene and general hygiene.
In this connection, the material and technical base is strengthened. In addition, training rooms have been allocated in the main building of TSMU and to date, the department has 6 training rooms for 15-28 study places, 1 lecture hall with a capacity of 60 people, rooms for assistants, laboratory assistants and the head of the department. Currently, the department teaches 8 subjects in the specialties of the Faculty of Public Health. Assistants of the department are: Sharipov S.F., Vakhidov G.A., Egamnazarov Kh.N., Bakhtiyarova N.B., Kasymova G.N. part-time skilled worker of the Dushanbe city Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance doctor of the highest qualification category Latipov L.A.
The areas of the training rooms and the lecture hall comply with the standards, are equipped in sufficient quantities with educational furniture, and are quite suitable for lecture and practical classes. Classes are held both at the bases of the department, and in the institutions of the sanitary-epidemiological service of Dushanbe.
To conduct the educational process and research work, instructive and normative-technical documentation, materials of current and preventive sanitary-hygienic supervision, laboratory equipment and apparatus, normative and technical documentation (Orders, Instructions, etc.) are used in the city and district Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Republican Center for the Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle and disinfection station. A number of practical classes are held in schools, kindergartens, municipal, food and industrial facilities of the city, in particular, in city water supply systems, city sewage treatment plants, medical treatment facilities, a bakery, dairy plant, at the airport, at Tajiktekstilmash plant, silk factory and others sanitary facilities in Dushanbe.
The material and technical base of the city disinfection station, Dushanbe city Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and Republican Center for the Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle completely allows for theoretical and practical training of students of the public health faculty in the specialties of the sanitary doctor.

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