Center of Education, Science and Production “Farmacia”

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Center of Education, Science and Production “Farmacia”

Adress: Dushanbe, st. Samad Gani 3
Tel.: (+992) 93-313-77-55, e-mail: mtii_farm@tajmedun.tj

Director of the center Radzhabov Gadomad Odinayevich

The main purpose of the center is to ensure of necessary conditions for the organization and conduction of the educational process, practical training, production and research activities, as well as providing conditions for acquiring professional skills in the context of the relevant University to facilitate the training of highly qualified specialists with higher pharmaceutical education that meets the requirements of international standards.

The center consists of administrative department, the finished medicinal products department, the department ofproduction of prescription medicines with the aseptic unit (preparation of sterile medicines, including ophthalmic medications, medicines for newborns and other products requiring sterilization), the department for the collection, processing and packaging of medicinal plants, the chemical and analytical laboratories, rooms for medicines autoclaving, the room for production and reception of distilled water, the washing room and the expeditionary room.