Center for translator industry literature and Scientific Terminology

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Center for translator industry literature and Scientific Terminology

Address: Dushanbe, Rudaki Ave 141,
Tel.: (+992) 37 224 26 17, (+992) 985 63 64 65 , e-mail: tais@tajmedun.tj

Head of the center, c.p.s., associate professor Ysufov Abdullo Ismoilovich

For the eight years of the center’sexistence the staff of the center have made a huge contribution to the translation of the educational literature and medical terms. During this period, they collected and agreed more than 6500 medical terms which were approved by the Committee of language and terminology of the Republic of Tajikistan. According to the implementation of paragraph 13 and action plan, dated on November 24, 2009, deducted to the 25th years of the Republic of Tajikistan, with the to aim provide the students with a textbooks and methodical aids and other literature in Tajik language, the staff of the university prepared and published 82 titles of books, including to «Andarznomai tibbi»,«Anotomiya dar nazm», «Farhangi istehsoli tibbi» (more than 580 terms), «Muhovarai tibbii rusi - tojiki», «Istehsolianatomi» (more than 6500 terms) and others.
    Scientific practical journal “Avji Zuhal”which is published four times a year since 2010 with the purpose of implementing the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan «On the starter language of Republic Tajikistan» (chapter 3, article 10) is a timely step.  For today scientific articles have been published by the scientist of the medical University, employees of hospitals in the country and employees of other higher educational institutions.
At the present times being, the Centers employees are working on materials for the book «Medical Dictionary» for the preparation and translation of books and manuals.